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    Fxunited $100,000.00 Contest


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    Fxunited $100,000.00 Contest

    Сообщение автор Admin в Вс Июл 31, 2016 12:49 am

    The FxUnited demo trading contest is a free competition. FxUnited client who wants to participate in the demo account contest are allowed to open the contest account anytime between the trading contest held. The demo contest is held subject to 3 month trading session.

    Demo Account contest:

    - All FxUnited client are welcome. Demo contest will be held for 3 months. The highest equity balance available at the end of the contest will be selected as the winner.
    - Upon the registration, all participant will be given 100,000 virtual money in demo contest account.
    - All client who wants to participate in demo trading contest are allowed to open contest account anytime within 3months the contest is held. All trading condition are allowed, that is includes EAs, copy trading, news trading, and scalping.
    1st Prize
    2nd Prize
    3rd Prize
    4th Prize
    5th Prize
    6th Prize
    Consolation Prize
    : $30,000 USD
    : $10,000 USD
    : $6,000 USD
    : $4,000 USD
    : $2,000 USD
    : $1,000 USD
    : $250 USD x 28

    Contest Rules:

    - Contest account will be available in Official trader cabinet of FxUnited at http://trader.fxunited.com/login.php
    - Each participant will have only 1 account.
    - The default virtual money deposit is $100,000.
    - Account leverage is set to 1:1000.
    - Trading on the contest account before the contest is prohibited. In case there are any opened positions on the demo account before the contest they will be automatically disqualified.
    - It is prohibited to work via proxies or any other software modifying the real IP address.
    - The prize funds are paid to the contestants’ real account and are withdraw able. Each contestant must have a real account in order to take part in the contest. This account must be verified.
    - Any Contest Rules violation is a subject to disqualification.
    - If there are 2 or more winners in the contest, they will share the prize equally.


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